At Response, our domiciliary care specialises in community care for individuals with mental health issues. We are trained in mental health care so that we can assist your loved ones in situations arising from their mental health. We work with a person-centred approach because everyone is different, as is the way their mental health condition is expressed.

We take time to get to know our clients, to build relationships and trust, to ensure continuity. We do not offer calls less than 30 minutes as we value good quality care and companionship. We do not want our clients to feel rushed or that they don’t have the time to express any thoughts and issues with us. We tailor our support to the specific and individual needs of your loved one so that when they are ready to gain more independence, we can support them in the ways that will work for them.

We are all about reenabling clients, not disabling them. We aim to support clients to live as independently again as much as they can. We work with clients to get them to do as much for themselves as possible.

We also support with hospital discharge and start the process from as soon as discharge is being considered so that we can build a care plan that will best suit your loved one. We work closely with the Adult Mental Health Teams (AMHT) to decrease the likelihood of readmission into hospital. We aim to make the transition from hospital back into the community easier.



“I worked for a few different community care agencies and found that there where a group of clients that didn’t get the support they needed due to their mental health issues and I wanted to help that group of people. I enjoy talking to clients about themselves and supporting them to get back to the person they were before their mental health issues took over their lives.”

-Eilish, Registered Homecare Manager

“Once I got to know the clients and fully understand my role and completed the training provided, the job became part of the background and the enjoyment was at the foreground, helping clients with getting ready for the day, helping them to choose what clothes to wear or having a shave and hair wash with a little spray of their favourite aftershave or perfume so they feel well-groomed and more like themselves for a family visit or day out.”

  - Zsana, Deputy Homecare Manager


My Husband had very little trust for care agencies. In the two weeks before we chose Response we had over 26 carers! We wanted to have a small selection of carers who really understood my husband’s needs. Response took all of this into account and centred their care around my husband’s wishes.

At the beginning of this year by husband became ill and unfortunately passed away. He wanted to die at home. Response made sure to adjust his care package quickly and efficiently, so that he had over 4 visits a day and that he could die peacefully and on his own terms. I couldn’t be more grateful for Response’s support, I don’t know how I would have got through the year without our lovely team

  -Clients Wife

I was supporting a man who was discharged from hospital and needed help ensuring he took his medication. I visited his family home twice a day. At first he seemed nervous and withdrawn, he couldn’t really engage with his family. Over time we supported him to build his confidence and remind him that he can do this if we take one step at a time.

We were able to reduce his visits to once a day and then to not requiring our support at all. Although we were sad to see him go, he was the reason a lot of us work in the sector as we supported him to regain his old life while managing his mental health in a way that worked for him and his family. We still see him occasionally in the local park with his children which is something that when we first met him, he would never have thought he could do.

  -Support Worker

I was working with a client who has just been discharged from hospital with a care package that had been built around him to best support his care needs, wants and wishes. We worked closely with his CPN and family to ensure that his care plan would facilitate his continued recovery in the community so he could become fully independent in the future. Unfortunately, his mental health deteriorated and was re-called back into hospital. This was thought of as a last resort and expected to fail but with the help of Homecare he had been living back at home for 8 months.

  -Member of Staff


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Will you help with household tasks?

Yes but we will always try to encourage our clients to join in with these activities to maintain the clients independence.

Will people know that I am having support for a care agency?

All our staff wear plain grey T-shirts and fleeces with a small logo that is very discreet. Our staff will also remove their ID badges if requested.

Is this service right for my loved one?

All care is person centred and packages are built around the needs of the client. All care plans are live documents and change as the client’s needs change.

Quality Care Commission Response Report is Good Rated