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20 years working at Response!

20 years working at Response!

Long service award to Leonie Slattery

Leonie is a Senior Support worker at Response and has worked at a number of Response’s services over her 20 years. She has also help setup a new service during her time!

Leonie has a passion to support all the residents she works with to the best of her ability. She still remembers the names of individuals she worked with when she first joined, and when she comes to visit, they remember her!

Everyone knows that Leonie will go the extra mile to support individuals in their recovery journey and has worked under very challenging and emotive circumstances. It goes without saying that Leonie has a lot of empathy for the residents and their families, feeling strongly about them having the best quality of life possible.

“Mental health has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Before, it was more about helping clients to do everyday tasks like cook and clean, and nowadays it’s about getting them to live independently and working alongside them to achieve this.” - Leonie

Leonie really cares about her colleagues and she brings a sense of fun to the team – she is our rock!

Response is a family name for Leonie with other members of her family working for Response over the years. Some happy memories for Leonie include taking an 80-year-old client on a roller coaster and Leonie was more scared than her! Leonie also fondly remembers taking many clients on holiday to a big house in Devon which was great fun for all involved.

“I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”- Leonie

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