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Our Accommodation

Our Accommodation

We believe everyone has the right to a safe and comfortable home that they can call their own.

Our Housing Service

At Response, we know the importance of housing to support recovery.

Our housing services are based across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and the South West of England.

We provide a mixture of both shared and self-contained, single person accommodation to support people back into the community. We carry out thorough assessments with each client at the start of their journey with Response to ensure they are matched to an appropriate property as this will depend on their level of support need. Every resident living in our property will be provided with a tailored support package

We currently operate over 190 houses and flats, housing upwards of 550 clients. Our portfolio is mixed and consists of both properties owned by Response as well as properties leased through housing associations and our Private Landlord Scheme. All of our properties meet the Decent Home Standard and are HMO Licensed where necessary.

What is our Mission?

  • Assisting people with mental health and complex needs to transition from hospital provision into the community.
  • Supporting people to work towards independent living.
  • Giving people a safe and stable environment to support their recovery.

How we support with income

The Income Team is expanding its services to include affordability assessments and welfare benefit awareness. This will ensure that we can support our residents through the cost of living crisis by supporting them to maximise their income.

We are introducing a new housing and income management system which will include a customer portal, which will be implemented by early 2024. This portal will allow each resident to access their own account from their phone or personal device. Having access to their own accounts is a vital way of empowering the people we support with managing their own finances.

Our Properties

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