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I work within youth services

I work within youth services

Our approach

Our approach combines knowledge of youth work and social prescribing, to focus on what matters most to young people, alongside a strong understanding of clinical and community services. We strive to have a diverse, reflective and spirited team that connect quickly and authentically with young people, parents, carers and colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for young people and their families.

What we do

Through our work, we hope to connect young people with community services, strengthen and build positive relationships and increase their engagement with employment, education or training. We also strive to build their awareness and confidence around strategies they can use to manage their mental health and well-being, but also know when and where to reach out for further support. We talk to young people about what feels challenging right now, as well as their interests and aspirations for the future. We reflect with them on what they hope to achieve through our work together to co-create their support plan.

We combine Youth Work and Social Prescribing

Venn diagram of youth work meets social prescribing

Youth Work helps Young People to:

  • Be confident, resilient and optimistic about the future.
  • Manage personal, social and formal relationships.
  • Create, describe and apply their learning and skills.
  • Participate safely and effectively in groups.
  • Consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control.
  • Express their voice and demonstrate social commitment.
  • Broaden their perspectives through new experiences and thinking.

Social Prescribing:

  • Is a holistic approach focussing on individual need.
  • Promotes health and wellbeing and reduces health inequalities in a community setting, using non-clinical methods.
  • Addresses barriers to engagement and enables people to play an active part in their care.
  • Utilises and builds on the local community assets in developing and delivering the service or activity.
  • Aims to increase people’s control over their health and lives.

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