Private Landlord Scheme

Do you own a three- or four-bedroom rental property? You may qualify for the Private Landlord Scheme, a new Response initiative supported by Oxfordshire County Council.

Applications are invited from landlords for the scheme which will guarantee rent for between 2 to 5 years. Management and maintenance will be provided free of charge. Properties will be returned in the same condition as at the commencement of the lease.

We have an immediate requirement for 60 houses only.

If interested, please register before the closing date of November 30th 2020 here at





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Mental Wealth Academy

The Mental Wealth Academy is an innovative new project supporting 18-25 year olds affected by life-changing events, who are falling through gaps created by transition pathways from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health services. Furthermore, as part of this innovative project, families will be supported to enable them to work with their children and young people to recover from mental health issues following a life changing event. The Mental Wealth Academy model will include partners Ark T, Oxfordshire MIND, Oxfordshire Youth, SOFEA and BYHP and the work will be characterised by an aspirational, co-productive approach with the aim of reducing health inequalities, increasing resilience and improving life chances. The project will expand the third sector’s reach and impact through a proactive and preventative programme consisting of training, peer mentorship and direct intervention.

What the young people say:

“Thank you for providing me with a space in which I felt able to express my feelings and be myself”- BHYP Young Person 

‘Jenny helped me because she is a nice person and I can talk to her about anything.’ – Ark T Young Person

What the stakeholders are saying:

The work seemed to really meet young person’s needs in providing a time limited and supportive connection but not for too long which may have made separation difficult. I think Jenny was very good at creating the right relationship with the young person in a positive way.- Getting Help referrer for Ark-T

Response is proud to partner the Oxford Homeless Movement

Add your voice to ours by signing the Charter and opting in for updates at and help us achieve our mission that nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets. #jointhemovement