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Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

What are my rights as a tenant?

Response will provide you with services to your home, for example, the supply of water, heating etc as part of your rent. If Response needs to change the rent, you will receive no less than 28 days notice in writing. If you think Response has not done something it has agreed to do, you can discuss this with your Support Worker of Housing Officer, or you can make a complaint to Response using its complaints procedure. Should you want any more advice on your rights as a tenant you can also contact Citizens Advice, a housing advice centre, a law centre or a solicitor.

What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

It is your responsibility to pay the rent, to follow house rules such as not letting others live in your home without Response's consent, to respect the property and its contents and to not engage in Anti-Social Behaviour.

If you wish to leave a Response property we ask that you give us at least four weeks notice and allow us to inspect the property before the end of the four weeks.

When you move out you just have to return your key, make sure your home is left in a good condition and remember to take any personal possessions with you.

Our Zero-tolerance of Anti-Social Behaviour

At Response, we take anti-social behaviour (ASB) seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy towards it. We understand that ASB can cause distress and harm to individuals and communities, and we are committed to tackling it effectively.

If you experience ASB, you can report it to us via our online ASB report form or by calling our ASB hotline. Our experienced team will investigate the matter promptly and will work with you to find a solution that suits your needs.

We take a collaborative approach to dealing with ASB, and we work closely with other agencies and partners, such as the police, local councils, and community groups. This partnership working ensures that we can provide you with the best possible support and advice.

How does paying rent work?

When you move into a Response housing service, you will be signed up to your property by your Housing Officer. Your Housing Officer will talk you through what happens when you move in and will also provide you with a welcome pack with all the essential information you need. 
At this time your Housing Officer will also set up a Direct Debit to pay your service charge which covers your utilities and WIFI.  At this point, you will need your bank details. Your ID and proof of National Insurance is also required. You will need to make sure you have both forms of ID to hand at the time of sign up.
If you do not wish to pay by Direct Debit, you may pay another way. We accept:
  • Direct Debit 
  • Third Part Deductions (Housing Benefits)
  • AllPay
  • Bank Transfer

Housing Benefit

Your Housing Officer will discuss the conditions of your Housing Benefit with you. The link below can help you work out the amount of money you are entitled to from Housing Benefit and any personal benefits such as Universal Credit.

What support is available if you're struggling to pay rent?

If you are struggling to pay your rent, we have process and procedures in place to help and support you. Together we can set up a payment plan, budgeting sessions and get you back on track.

More advice:

If you want more advice on managing your money, see the below websites.

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