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Private Landlord Scheme

Private Landlord Scheme

What is the Private Landlord Scheme?

Our Private Landlord Scheme offers guaranteed rent and other benefits to private sector landlords who agree to provide accommodation to Response’s clients.

Why should landlords use our Private Landlord Scheme? 

  • We guarantee your rent for the term of the tenancy, paid on time and in full even if the property is empty
  • There are no hidden fees or administration charges
  • We collect rent directly from the tenant
  • General property maintenance, upkeep and repairs are all taken care of by our team
  • We provide a repairs and maintenance service
  • Deposit
  • We deliver support to tenants in their accommodation and assist them with adhering to license and tenancy agreements.
  • We guarantee that at the end of your term, your property will be returned to you in the same or better condition than when you start with us.

What kind of properties qualify?

We have a high demand for properties in the Thames Valley area. If you want to talk to one of our team, contact us.

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Contact Us

If you need more information from the Landlord Liaison Officer or Housing Team please get in touch

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