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Wellbeing Youth Work

Wellbeing Youth Work

In a number of secondary schools in Oxfordshire, The Mental Health Support Team (MHST) and Response have teamed up to offer Wellbeing Youth Worker support to your young people.

Whether young people want to join a lunchtime drop-in to get some quick hints and tips, attend an interest club run by a Youth Worker, or have a 1-1 chat to talk through what's going on for them, our Youth Workers are here to help.

Youth Work focusses on low level wellbeing needs. If you are concerned a young person is struggling you can find links to 24/7 support services here.

Lunchtime sessions

A chill lunchtime space for young people to drop in and hang out. A Youth Worker will be there with wellbeing activities and to support young people to build connections with their peers.

Interest Clubs

Youth Workers can offer a number of clubs based on young peoples needs and interests - where that is a book club, a Warhammer club or a PRIDE club, the Youth Workers are there to listen and help

1-1 Sessions

Sometimes a young person needs safe space to chat about their needs or challenges without judgement. Youth Workers can offer this - speak to the school to discuss a referral.

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