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Our new service for young people

Change your frame
Reframe is a new project supporting 16-25-year-olds affected by life-changing events. The overriding aim of Reframe is to improve mental health through reducing health inequalities, increase resilience and improve life chances for young adults.

Transition periods

At Response, we appreciate and understand the challenges and changes of being a teenager moving into adulthood. It is a time of great transition when it comes down to identity, education and training, and deciding on the right path in life. At Response, we pride ourselves on getting to know the young people and the challenges they face in what is a difficult time in their lives.

Our Reframe Youth Workers meet young people online or in the community. Our sessions are personally designed to meet the needs of the young person and what they hope to achieve during their time accessing support with us.

Young person

How the service works

Would you like to make a referral?

If you think your child would benefit from using our Reframe service, please fill out the form to set up a free short consultation to discuss if Reframe would be suitable. We will then call you back to discuss in more details and advise on next steps.

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