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Community Housing with Support on site 9-5

Located in Oxfordshire and Bicester
Community Housing with Support on site 9-5

Our staffed community housing is located in Oxfordshire where staff are available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, with an out-of-hours on-call providing emergency support as needed.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enabling environment for people to live as independently as possible. Our service offers a range of support, including assistance with daily living tasks, access to mental health professionals, and other therapeutic resources. Our accommodation is staffed by trained professionals who are dedicated to helping our residents improve their overall well-being and achieve their recovery goals.

Palm Court

Palm court is a collection of apartments, in a quiet location near parks and local amenities in Bicester. These self-contained one bedroom flats are designed for people that are already independent, and are taking the final steps in their recovery journey with Response. 

Rectory Road

Rectory Road is located in the heart of Oxford, in the bustling Cowley road area. The apartments share kitchen and communal facilities. Staff work alongside individuals that live here to develop independence, and the communal setup allows individuals to support one another in their recovery.

St Gabriels

Located on the hilltop suburbs around South Park in Oxford, these apartments share kitchens and communal areas. Individuals living here are supported by staff on site. St Gabriels is a service catering to those people that feel they are able to work towards living independently, whilst still benefitting from on-site staff assistance.

Service Information:

Features and Description

  • Type of housing: These services offer a mix of self contained apartments, large shared houses with communal spaces, as well as our specialist recovery provision for women. 

  • Staffing: The services have a dedicated team of support workers and managers on site most days. 

  • Aim of service: Supporting clients that have already embarked upon their recovery journey to complete the last few steps towards independent living. Support focusses on continued recovery and symptom management, as well as prioritising applications to the local authority housing register. 

About the Environment

  • Activities: The service has an art and walking group for all clients. There are also opportunities in the local community to join gardening clubs.
  • Local Community: Residents access community services such as shops, GP, churches, leisure activities etc. 
  • Visits: Friends and Family are welcome to visit are allowed to visit. However, no one under the age of 18.


Please see our referrals process to apply for this service.

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