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Hazel Nicolson


Hazel Nicolson

Since the early 1990s, Hazel has worked within the mental health and housing sector in Oxfordshire – as a practitioner in the Community Mental Health Team, referrer to Response and as a commissioner. Hazel always found the organisation to be caring and adaptable to the needs of residents and willing to try to find a solution for people with particular housing and support needs.

Since joining the Response Board in the summer of 2017, Hazel has become aware of the breadth of decisions that must be made within the limits of significant financial restraints. Hazel enjoys the challenge of chairing the Performance Committee and supporting Response staff to maintain a consistent approach and a high-quality resident experience throughout the expanding services.

For Hazel, looking after her mental health usually involves outdoor activities and meeting up with friends. Her favourite place in the world is probably her garden – weeds and all – but her great treat is going on walking holidays in various parts of the world – especially doing coastal walks. Having just come back from Wales, Hazel can highly recommend Pembrokeshire.

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