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Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Useful Resources

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Useful Resources

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Resources for you

The important thing about being neurodivergent is understanding what works for you. There has been a massive rise in people talking about neurodiversity and neurodivergence in the last year and with it an explosion of resources and ideas. Although it is great to see, this can sometimes lead to overwhelm and finding it hard to find the best place to go for support; there is also a rise in some people monetising neurodiversity without putting people at the centre of their offers. 

Below are some of the national organisations supporting the different neurodivergences, often on their websites you can find links to local offers. 

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: 

There are a number of online tools popping up to help identify support needs. At Response we have started looking at using the Do It Profiler. More details can be found here: 

Finally, within Response we have been rolling out training to all departments. Each department should have an identified Neurodiversity Champion, talk to your manager about who that is; HR are always happy to support with needs within the workplace. 

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