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Neurodiversity Celebration Week Book Recommendations

Neurodiversity Celebration Week Book Recommendations

This Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we wanted to give you a few of our current recommendations.
If you’re looking for a new book to learn more about neurodiversity, or a new TV show/Film to get lost in. Or you might be looking to learn about the experiences of other neurodivergent folks, with one of our podcast recommendations!

We’re here to guide you through some of our favourites. But hey, don’t just take our word for it- give some of these a go for yourself.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favourite books for Neurodiversity Celebration Week. We have included both Fiction and Non-Fiction picks that focus on neurodivergent-specific topics. Alternatively, we have also added a collection of binge-worthy series and quick, captivating reads, alongside, some audiobook recommendations, that offer a more accessible reading experience.

What type of book are you looking for? Click the headings below for our recommendations!

For more of our recommendations from Neurodiversity Celebration Week, check out our other Blog posts below.

Happy Reading!

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