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Working in Housing and Property

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Working in Housing and Property

Our Housing & Property team are a dedicated group of professionals committed to providing high-quality housing options for our clients. They make a real impact in the community, creating a comfortable and safe living environment for those in need.

We offer a variety of roles as part of our Housing & Property team, from repairs and maintenance to tenancy management. Hear one of our Staff Stories to see if working in Housing interests you!

Nick's Story

Joining Response

Nick joined our maintenance team in 1998 or, as his colleagues point out, ‘at the turn of the last century'. Since then, he’s worked across our large and diverse range of properties, taking pride in keeping them in the highest state of repair and comfort. “I love what I do,” says Nick.

It's not just a job

“I get to Travel across several counties and no day is the same. We work hard but always enjoy ourselves,” Nick says smiling.

“What I love most is the chance to meet and chat with residents. I get to interact with so many different people and everyone has their own story”, adds Nick. “People often take a real interest in what we're doing so I'm often working and talking at the same time. To be able to go in and make somebody's home that little bit better and leave the resident happier is a great feeling”.

Nick's Journey with Response

Nick is known for his happy nature and has an amazing ability to turn anyone’s rainy day into a bright one. Asked why he’s been in his role for so long, Nick says “I've always wanted to have a job where I can make a bit of a difference. If I can help somebody live in a nicer home and, sometimes, cheer them up with a little chat too, that's a good day for me.”

Has Nick inspired you?

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