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Ro raising money for Response!

Ro raising money for Response!

“I'm going to climb Ben Nevis...”

“Hi I'm Ro,

I'm climbing Ben Nevis to raise money for Response.

I'm a support worker at Response. Prior to this I've spent my working life mostly with exotic animals and being as active as I can; having completed various mountain hiking charity events and hiking as much as possible in my spare time.

In June last year my life changed drastically.

Due to being suddenly diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder last year, I had to turn my back on zookeeping as a career and lost my health and independence; as the sudden diagnosis presented a whole variety of fluctuating neurological issues including seizures, paralysis and cognitive issues that have affected every aspect of my life. At the age of 27 I was left bound in a wheelchair, with my wife acting as a full time carer for me as my symptoms fluctuated.

Since June, through many hospital trips, with support, patience and a sense of humour I have pushed myself to reclaim my ability to walk, learnt to manage the fluctuations of symptoms and ongoing flare-ups and am now in a much better place physically and mentally. I've even gotten back working again, for a fantastic company that upholds the values I live by in my own life.

At this point I want to push myself to overcome my own disability, but also as a means to help others for a worthwhile cause!

So I want to give something back. Having spent my younger years overcoming severe mental health issues, homelessness and now recently physical disability; now that I am in a fortunate position as a support worker I want to do all that I can to raise awareness, support and assist where possible those who may be struggling with mental health difficulties.

So I've gathered some willing participants who will be joining me for the event.

Please donate what you can and feel free to share the event around!

Every penny helps and goes straight to Response Organisation!

Thank you for your support!

Ro x

Ro raised £1300!

Ro raised the roof! Thank you to everyone who donated to Ro! The money raise will go directly towards Response’s services for Adults and Young People struggling with mental illness and homelessness, helping individuals to live fulfilling lives in the community.

Would you like to do your own thing?

You could do your own fundraising activity like Ro, whether it be hosting a comedy night, shaving all your hair off, running a half marathon or going vegetarian for a month!

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