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We know that a stable home life is a cornerstone for good mental health and that’s what we deliver for over 350 people living with mental health illness. Our teams work hard to ensure people feel at home and gain a sense of control over their living environments. From 24/7 staffed residences to single independent flats, we have the scope to provide the right property at the right time.

Our Housing Team provides every service that residents and landlords require. From managing tenancy agreements and a 24/7 repairs & maintenance service to providing weekly property checks and safety audits, we are dedicated to maintaining high standard accommodation and creating homes that people feel happy in.

Specialist Advice – Benefits & Welfare

The welfare and benefits systems can be complex and hard to navigate. That’s why we have specially trained Tenancy Officers who can help and advise people with issues around housing benefit, welfare entitlement, licensing and tenancy agreements.

Response Private Landlord Scheme – Adding Value

Private landlords are sometimes reluctant to rent properties to people who suffer from mental health illness or other forms of disadvantage. In areas of high-demand, this can exclude vulnerable people from the market at that’s why we set up the Response Private Landlord Scheme.

We understood that we needed to add value to engage private landlords. So, the scheme offers landlords a commercially and operationally attractive package in return for letting us manage the property. The package includes Response taking legally contracted responsibility for:

  • All rent payments, on time, in full
  • Your rent paid, even if the property is empty
  • Free general property maintenance, upkeep and repairs
  • 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Deposit
  • Tenancy agreements/contacts
  • At the end of the term, your property will be returned to you in the same or better condition than when you left it. Guaranteed.

Contact to make a referral or find out more: info@response.org.uk / 01865 397940

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Take a look at the video below to see one of our amazing Response Housing projects.