It’s Time to Break New Ground in Oxfordshire

Service Overview

We are proud to have joined forces with youth focussed charity Oxfordshire Youth to provide an innovative new approach to supported accommodation in Oxfordshire for young people aged 18-24. After launching on 1st October 2020, Response & Oxfordshire Youth will pioneer a co-designed model which has a grassroots youth-work approach at its heart.

Inspired by a ground-breaking model at Young Devon, we are taking a partnership approach to ensure:

  • Young people receive the best possible opportunities available
  • Staff receive the highest quality training to be the best possible coaches they can be
  • Young people are living in quality, safe and secure homes

Collaborating with three leading experts in the field of youth engagement – ASPIRESOFEA and BYHP – the new YPSA model has an aspirational vision. We want to see up to 130 young people transform their lives through engaging with life-changing opportunities in education, employment and training.

Alongside these opportunities, young people will be equipped with new tools and techniques to help them manage their mental health, develop financial empowerment, and learn how to nurture, repair and sustain healthy relationships with the people that matter to them.

This model is driven by a belief in the power of relationships, safe and quality homes and inspiring opportunities to change lives.

Many of the young people are Leaving Care, Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and/or have experienced a wide variety of Adverse Childhood Experiences. We see them as future change makers, defined by their resilience, tenacity and potential.

More information about the new YPSA service for professionals working with young people can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Key Components of YPSA

Co-designing this service means that we will work with young people to continuously shape and
influence the direction this model goes in. The voice of every young person in this service will make a positive
difference to the development of the support.

Oxfordshire Youth Progression Coaches provide intensive 1-1 and group-based
informal and non-formal learning for young people in supported accommodation in Oxfordshire. Progression Coaches
are located across Oxfordshire at ASPIRE, SOFEA, BYHP and in the Oxfordshire Youth Offices.
Each young person will receive youth work support to develop a pathway plan which outlines
their personal goals. Young people will gain the opportunity to achieve accreditations such as the ASDAN
independent living skills accreditation and will also be encouraged to access Oxfordshire Youth programmes such
as the Young Leaders, accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.
Where possible, we will work hard to support young people to reconcile with families, and where this is not
feasible, we will work alongside them to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.
The YPSA workforce receive clinical supervision alongside quarterly Action Learning Sets, a peer to peer
coaching model which stimulates critical thinking skills and solutions-focused approaches.

Our partner Response provides 3-4 bed homes across Oxfordshire for 130 young people aged 18-25.
As part of a major review of the Young People’s Supported Housing Pathway in 2019, Oxfordshire County Council
conducted research providing evidence that young people in supported accommodation are more likely to thrive in
shared properties which house a maximum of four young people.

Working closely with our partners will be key to the success of this new approach. Find out more about our
partner organisations:

  • Response (mental health and housing)
  • ASPIRE (employment)
  • SOFEA (food and education)
  • BYHP (young homelessness)

If you are excited by the vision of this new service, and have ideas or questions you want to share with us, we
would love to hear from you. Please contact the Head of YPSA Service Beth Parott:

Young people need access to safe spaces and trusting relationships, where they can be themselves, make friends, develop new skills and make positive changes to their lives and their communities