What’s It Like Working For Us

Anastasia Moisaki
Anastasia MoisakiDeputy Manager

Working as a Senior I had the opportunity to gain experience on shift leading and running the shift ensuring that everything on the project runs smoothly. Being allocated a small group of clients also meant that I had the opportunity to follow a person centred approach in order to ensure that clients are empowered and supported to work towards their life goals and independence. Response’s partnership with Mind and the NHS provided me with the opportunity to create outside professional relationships with individuals from various sectors ensuring that our clients receive the best possible support.

Response has a training centre and excellent training courses are available throughout the year. Also the organisation is continuously investing in employees’ learning and development by also providing opportunities outside the training centre for further education and training. Supervision by line managers is being held at least each month and the primary focus is the support, learning and development of each employee. Having recently been promoted to Deputy Manager has given me the opportunity to further develop my skills and take my career to the next level. The organisation’s incessant growth and development means that there are ongoing opportunities available and the future looks very promising.

Lamyea Molnar
Lamyea Molnar

I only wanted to work weekends, but the working environment in Response allured me to apply for the full time project worker post and since then I have been involved in different roles. I must add that the managers have always been supportive and encouraged me to develop myself. Besides, the courses offered by Response were helpful to learn more about mental health and associated legislations.

Before working in Response, I had limited knowledge on how people with mental health problems can be encouraged to be more independent and be integrated into the society. And being able to support people to bring changes to their lives gives me enjoyment. Moreover, I find Response to be very accommodating towards the staff, which helps to maintain the work- life balance. I like working in Response.

Louise Packer
Louise PackerHead of Quality

It was immediately clear that part of Responses philosophy was one of empowerment and opportunity and from the beginning I was supported to undertake a Diploma in Mental Health followed by a Postgraduate qualification in Management. I was also encouraged to take the lead on tenders and new initiatives, to put the theory into practice.

As a new mum in 2008, Response supported me back into the workplace with kindness and sensitivity, embracing my request for flexible working and healthy work-life balance.

In 2015 I joined the Senior Management Team following my appointment as Head of Quality. I have been entrusted to develop bespoke monitoring tools for Response and I am privileged to work with all teams in all areas of the Organisation to enrich continuous improvement, learning and development and overall service delivery.

Tapiwa Moyo
Tapiwa MoyoOperations Manager

What I liked most when I started to work for Response was how easy it was to align my values and aspirations with those of the organisation – Promoting Independent and Community Living. This is reflected in the policies, training and most importantly in the way that people work.

I had experience as a health care assistant /support worker in care for the elderly and people with learning disabilities. I also had a Batchelor of Arts degree in Marketing. However I was new to mental health and social care management.

My career development has benefited from positive supervision, coaching, mentoring and appraisals. I am empowered to explore my creativity in developing new ways of delivering services (my strength), but also supported with areas of my potential development. In 2009 I was funded by Response to undertake a Masters degree in Leadership.

My career with Response so far:

  • 2007 to 2008 Assistant Manager
  • 2008 to 2008 Deputy Manager
  • 2008 to 2014 Project Manager
  • 2014 to 2014 Service Manager
  • Current – Operations Manager

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