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The Mental Health Support Teams also run a weekly podcast over on their YouTube channel that can be found by clicking here. 

5 Ways to Wellbeing Overview: Jamie explains what the 5 Ways to Wellbeing are and demonstrates an activity to use
some of them.

What do the MHST do for self care: Members of the MHST team discuss what they do for self care. Hopefully will inspire
something in you.

100 self care activities: Maddie discusses 100 activities that can be done for self care. Have a listen and pick some to try.

Self Talk: Angharad discusses the idea of positive self talk

Transitioning Out of Lockdown: Maddie discusses how we deal with the future change of coming out of lockdown.


Managing Teenage Anxiety

Fight, Flight or Freeze (Managing Worries)

Classifying Worries (Managing Worries)

Emotional First Aid Kit: What would you put in your emotional first aid kit?

Five Finger Breathing: a simple breathing technique to calm down moments of stress.

MHST Coping with Stress:

Coping with Exam Stress:

Introduction Assembly to Primary Schools:

Assembly – Return to School:

Big and Small emotions:

Managing Worries:

Five Finger Breathing:

Self Esteem:

Parenting Series video 1:

Parenting Series video 3:

Parenting series video 5:

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Managing Worries Vicious Cycle

Circle of Control: Angharad talks through how we can think about what we can control.

Big and Small Emotions: Jamie discusses how we talk about our feelings

5 Way to Wellbeing for Teachers:

5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Introduction Assembly for Secondary Schools:

Makaton Feelings Video

Circle of Control:

Emotional First Aid Kit:

Self Talk:

LGBTQ+ assembly:

Overcoming Worries:

Parenting Series video 2:

Parenting Series video 4:

MHST Intro to HYC: