Podcasts & Videos


5 Ways to Wellbeing Overview: Jamie explains what the 5 Ways to Wellbeing are and demonstrates an activity to use
some of them.

What do the MHST do for self care: Members of the MHST team discuss what they do for self care. Hopefully will inspire
something in you.

Relaxation: Helen guides the listener through relaxation ideas

100 self care activities: Maddie discusses 100 activities that can be done for self care. Have a listen and pick some to try.

Self Talk: Angharad discusses the idea of positive self talk

Transitioning Out of Lockdown: Maddie discusses how we deal with the future change of coming out of lockdown.


Emotional First Aid Kit: What would you put in your emotional first aid kit?

Five Finger Breathing: a simple breathing technique to calm down moments of stress.

Circle of Control: Angharad talks through how we can think about what we can control.

Big and Small Emotions: Jamie discusses how we talk about our feelings