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Promote your event on Social Media

Promote your event on Social Media

Posting pictures on social media will bring people closer to your cause and provide easy access to that crucial Just Giving link. Read on to find out how to be a success on those socials!

Top Ten Social Media tips

1) Create a page for your event and post regular updates with pictures of yourself and other participants. People love to support an event where they feel like they know you.
2) Make sure you are following us on whatever social media platforms you use, and tag us in any promotional posts and pictures on your socials and then we can repost and promote your event. 
3) Use our Response Logos (5) in your posts to help catch people’s eyes.
4) Post across all platforms, making sure content is right for the platform you are using. For example, if you choose Instagram, make your advertising is picture-based.
5)  On Instagram, stories often catch people’s attention more than posts- and you can post links to your Just Giving more easily on stories.
6) From Just Giving: Friday is the most common day for donating. Donation volume peaks on the JustGiving website between 9am and 10am, then again between 7pm and 8pm.
7) Countdown to your event at regular intervals, which become more frequent as you get closer to the event, always posting your Just Giving link.
8) A phone camera is perfectly fine for taking photos. Make sure you are taking good quality photos. Take them during the day, with plenty of natural light. Make sure you take lots of pictures from plenty of angles. You could enhance the lighting of a picture on an editing tool, and most phones (or Instagram) event offer a built in way of editing pictures. For selfies, stand in front of a window.
9) If you're filming a video, hold your phone upright so it fits in the Instagram frame, rather than turning it on its side.
10) Keep providing content after your event, as Just Giving claims more donations are to be had when people know you've completed your event. Show your fans what they want to see!

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