Community In Reach

In the community

We work closely with leading third sector specialist partners and NHS CAMHs to deliver a wide range of options to young people who are experiencing mental health challenges.

By identifying the right partners and bringing our experience to managing the process, we’ve opened up new choices, broader support and near-to-home access for many young people.

With specialist Community In-Reach workers based in multiple locations we’ve been able to increase the number of young people we can reach and support.

The 7 partners working alongside Response are ARK-T, BHYP, Synolos, Trax, Oxfordshire Youth, RAW and SOFEA.

Each partner works in a different part of Oxfordshire and offers a variety of services.

In 2018 226 young people were successfully engaged with as a result of the partnership.

“It’s taken me a long time to find someone who gets me and someone who I can trust”

Synolos Young Person

“Jenny helped me because she is a nice person and I can talk to her about anything.”

Ark T Young Person

“Thank you for providing me with a space in which I felt able to express my feelings and be myself”

BHYP Young Person

“Trax is like my extra family, Roby has helped me loads”

Trax Young Person

“It’s just good to talk about stuff and get it off your chest… I didn’t have a very good school life so SOFEA is like a second chance to get some education and make some friends and learn about new skills.”

SOFEA Young Person

“Oxfordshire CAMHS model is the development of our CAMHS partnership, comprising statutory CAMHS and non-statutory third sector organisations specialising in working with young people across different community-based provisions. The feedback and positive outcomes to date for young people of Oxfordshire are the clear evidence that this is the right development for Oxfordshire.”

Andrea Shand – Head of Service – CAMHS Oxfordshire