Children and Young people

Response’s 360 approach recognises that although children and young people do depend on others, at times making them vulnerable, they are continuing to learn and grow. In the process, they develop the skills they need to look after themselves and to make decisions about their lives.

What taking a whole child (360) approach means at Response:

  • focusing on the big picture, on the child’s whole life and circumstances and the links between individual issues and other aspects of their lives
  • focusing from the outset on what children need for healthy development and wellbeing
  • looking across the whole service at what can be done to support children’s healthy development
  • for a child or young person to achieve overall emotional and mental wellbeing our 360 approach gives consideration to all aspects of their life including: family, friends, peers, school and the wider community
  • viewing children as having valuable knowledge to contribute to developing and evaluating policies and services that affect them
  • considering ways in which children can be involved in decision-making on issues that affect them.

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