Children and Young people

Response 360 approach recognises that although children and young people do depend on others, at times making them vulnerable, they are continuing to learn and grow. In the process they develop the skills they need to look after themselves and to make decisions about their lives.

What taking a whole child (360) approach means at Response:

  • focusing on the big picture, on the child’s whole life and circumstances and the links between individual issues and other aspects of their lives
  • focusing from the outset on what children need for healthy development and wellbeing
  • looking across the whole service at what can be done to support children’s healthy development
  • for a child or young person to achieve overall emotional and mental wellbeing our 360 approach gives consideration to all aspects of their life including: family, friends, peers, school and the wider community
  • viewing children as having valuable knowledge to contribute to developing and evaluating policies and services that affect them
  • considering ways in which children can be involved in decision-making on issues that affect them..

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Mental Wealth Academy

The Mental Wealth Academy is an innovative new project supporting 18-25 year olds, who are falling through gaps created by transition pathways from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health services. As part of this innovative project, families will be supported to enable them to work with their children and young people to recover from mild – moderate mental health issues. The Mental Wealth Academy model will include partners; Ark T, Oxfordshire MIND, Oxfordshire Youth, SOFEA and BYHP and the work will be characterised by an aspirational, co-productive approach with the aim of reducing health inequalities, increasing resilience and improving life chances. The project will expand the third sector’s reach and impact through a proactive and preventative programme consisting of training, peer mentorship and direct intervention.

Please click on the link below to refer a young person (18-25) for support from the Mental Wealth Academy. Please note that in response to COVID-19 and the pressures on young people (lockdown induced anxieties/stress etc.) From June 1st – 31st November 2020, we have released the capacity for the team to be able work with a young people (16-25). We will continually review this expansion of service and therefore may not be able to offer this change to our service delivery indefinitely.

What the young people say:

“Thank you for providing me with a space in which I felt able to express my feelings and be myself”- BYHP Young Person 

‘Jenny helped me because she is a nice person and I can talk to her about anything.’ – Ark T Young Person