Angles of Hope Creative Competition – Theme of Isolation

What will happen if you are taking part in the creative arts project?

Work will be published on either Angels of Hope’s website or here on the Response website. The submissions will generally be judged on:

  • Quality
  • Appropriateness (e.g. no swear words)
  • Relevance to the theme
  • A signed consent form is given. (If you do not want it to be published, but you want to submit a piece of work all submissions are still welcome, make sure to mark ‘no’ on the consent form when asked about publishing)

What you’ll need to submit

We will accept photos of artwork, word/pdf doc of poems, scripts (maximum 15 pages) or short stories (maximum 15 pages) and videos of performances (e.g. dance, music, spoken word or acting).

The Project

This project is a small part of hopefully a bigger project. The goal is to collate all of your submissions and get them printed as a book.

This project is run by service users of the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership and Laura Boone of Response.

Link to the consent form: Angels of Hope consent form