Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people with mental health problems and
complex needs to live their lives to the full.

Our Values


Our Strategic Goals

We will be operationally excellent; evidenced by high levels of service user, carer, staff and stakeholder involvement and satisfaction.

We will make an outstanding success of the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership by providing the necessary skills, expertise and resources.

We will continue to improve choice for the experience of service users by extending our range of services including property and housing options.

We will expand these services to neighbouring areas, in particular the Thames Valley, in an innovative and sustainable way.

Response will be an employer of choice. We will invest in our staff expertise; provide excellent training and education opportunities and the best terms and conditions possible.

About us

Mental health illness, in all its forms, is affecting more people than ever before. For over 50 years, we have been innovating, adapting and providing high-quality services in the field and now operate across the Thames Valley and down to the South Coast. From Housing to Support and from Sports to Education, our 360 Model delivers a holistic recovery focused package that works.

Living with, and recovering from, mental health illness needs more than clinical intervention and therapy. We believe, and have learned, that people need to find balance, hope and ways to grow. That’s why we have developed our 360 Model to provide a spectrum of activities that will support, inspire and open more doors to the future for our service users.

We believe in the power of change and that every life, no matter the difficulties faced, can be made richer and more fulfilling. Our staff, resources, experience, properties and creativity all combine to deliver real, person-centred, outcomes.


  • Today we provide housing, support and positive activity for 364 people who live with mental health illness. We actively manage over 70 properties of our own and work with an extensive network of housing associations and private landlords.
  • We employ, respect and nurture 187 brilliant staff across our regions (a growth of 25% in 2015/16). You can read more about why people love working for us here.
  • Our 360 Model delivers a range of options and support from appropriate housing to education and from employment & training to sports and social activities
  • We believe in the power of partnership: We play a central role in Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership. We’re also a key partner of Berkshire Health NHS Foundation Trust and have recently won a bid in partnership to reconfigure forensic services across the South East of England.
  • Since 2015 Response have been the leading partner, along with Oxford Health CAMH’s and the CCG to strategically deliver our vision for transforming children’s services.

To find our more please contact us on 01865 397940 or email info@response.org.uk

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