Young people need access to safe spaces and trusting relationships, where they can be themselves, make friends, develop new skills and make positive changes to their lives and their communities

Oxfordshire Youth and Response’s Dreaming Big Fund Is going places. It’s going into Oxford to choose a suit for a crucial interview. It’s going online to buy a pair of trainers that will run a marathon. It’s buying a rail ticket to connect with an old friend. Our Dreaming Big Fund is going wherever our young people need to take it, to give them the best shot at having a full, happy life.

The young adults living in our supported accommodation have already suffered from the traumatic events leading up to them being taken into care. Oxfordshire Youth and Response offers them a home, not just housing, and home should be a springboard onto a successful, independent life.

The Dreaming Big Fund is combating the kind of financial disadvantage that stunts lives. No money for a train ticket? No interview, no job. That’s where your kind donation comes in – supporting us to support our wonderful young people to grow into the successful, sorted adults we know they want to be.