Substance Misuse Services

The prevalence of substance use amongst people with mental health issues is a growing concern and can have serious consequences on a persons social and living environment. The vulnerability of people with mental health issues, along side the availability of ‘Novel psychoactive substance’,  alcohol and controlled substances and ever-growing reduction in state service provision – sometimes leading to self-medication – combine to create an increasingly problematic environment. Response and The Oasis partnership  work together to reduce the harms coursed by problematic substance use, and provides access to education and training of residents and staff.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the number of people with a mental illness and who also misuse substances has increased by 62% in recent years. Dual-diagnosis is rising fast and substance misuse can no longer be seen in isolation from mental health illness.

Whether people have developed mental Illness because of substance misuse or whether existing residents have started using to self-medicate or because of vulnerabilities or chaotic lifestyles, we need to provide support for their ongoing co-occurring conductions( Public Health England “Better care for people with co-occurring mental health and alcohol and drug conditions 2017)

That’s why we have a dedicated partnership with OASIS and specialists workers within Response to help residents  find a way out of problematic substance use and towards long term recovery.

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