360 Model

Living with, and recovering from, mental health illness needs more than clinical intervention and therapy. We believe, and have learned, that people need to find balance, hope and ways to grow. That’s why we have developed our 360 Model to provide a spectrum of activities that will support, inspire and open more doors to the future for our service users.

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At Response we believe that for our services to be effective they must be based on sound values and principles. We also believe that it is vital to understand our clients as individuals to adequately address their needs. Our new Recovery Model (RReM360) draws from a range of therapeutic approaches to empower staff members and enable clients to work on their own recovery goals through individualised services.

RReM360 is based on 3 simple premises:

RReM360 offers therapeutic interventions which are tailored to meet an individual’s needs

Care Certificate

To recognise our standard of training, we have been awarded an Excellence Centre Accreditation of the Care Certificate.

This makes Response the first Third Sector employer to be awarded this accreditation in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire.

This means that all our staff are on the same page when working with clients across Response’s services

RReM360 training is ‘foundational training’, which is designed to give our staff the core skills required to work in a recovery focussed way with our clients

Donna Jeffrey, Learning and Development Manager


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