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Men’s Mental Health Month

Men's Mental Health Month Movember may be coming to an end, but the issues surrounding men's mental health are ongoing. It's important that we continue the discourse around men's mental health after this month ends. Society’s gender roles and expectations of men to be strong and dominant can make it harder for men to [...]

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CEO Blog: November

Adapting to digital work during the pandemic was no easy task, but I have been impressed by how smooth our staff have made the transition look. I hope to continue that smooth transition with the start of my monthly blog series, where I will be highlighting the work staff have accomplished, answering questions on our plans, and discussing topics relevant to mental [...]

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CEO Blog: Get to know John

November is the start of a new chapter for me at Response, CEO blogging. Each month, I will be using this platform to give organisational updates, progress stories and to highlight important awareness days and opportunities. But before my first official monthly blog comes out, I thought it would be best to properly introduce [...]

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Smoking and Mental Health

“The Stolen Years”, a report by ASH, endorsed by 27 health and mental health organisations, sets out recommendations for how smoking rates for people with a mental health condition could be dramatically reduced. These include improved training of healthcare staff, better access to stop smoking medication and a move towards [...]

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