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360 Model

Living with, and recovering from, mental health illness needs more than clinical intervention and therapy. We believe, and have learned, that people need to find balance, hope and ways to grow. That’s why we have developed our 360 Model to provide a spectrum of activities that will support, inspire and open more doors to the future for our service users.

We provide safe and appropriate housing for over 350 individuals.

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Mental health support and care from highly dedicated, caring and experienced staff.

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Sport and Health

We provide exciting and accessible sports activities to help increase mental health well-being and support recovery.

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We empower people by providing a range of learning and educational opportunities.

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Many people with mental health illness also suffer from substance misuse issues. We have a specific service to help people away from substance dependency.

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The Response 360 approach recognises that although children and young people do depend on others, at times making them vulnerable, they are continuing to learn and grow. Learn more about our 360 approach.

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To find our more please contact us on 01865 397940 or email info@response.org.uk